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Tagged by :icontooaya:!  Not all my music is in my library...but I'll make it work.  =v=

You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod/ Phone/ iTunes/ media player and write down the first five songs that play, then pass this on to 5 people.

1. Opening Demo Mix/1 - Shadow Hearts OST
One of the darkest, most rewarding games I've ever played.  Just listening to this opening sequence gives me goosebumps, remembering the journey.

2. Chaotic Bar - Phantasy Star Online
I remember how amazing it was to play online with my friends with PSO.  The soundtrack still gives me feels...and nightmares of all the grinding, haha.

3. Hangnail - Nickelback
I love these guys.

4. One's Summer's Day - Joe Hisaishi
This movie is exceptionally near and dear to my heart; his music has never failed to touch and inspire me.

5. The White Tree - Howard Shore

I'm throwing in a few extras just 'cause I love doing this stuff.
6. Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac - I grew up on these guys!
7. Northern Country Kamui II - Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Okami OST) - No explanation needed.
8. Jenny - Studio Killers - Their whole album is GOLD.
9. Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails - Mmm, NIN.
10. Cruel Cruel World - Darren Hayes - Ironic this one came up.  I love Darren Hayes since his Savage Garden days, but this song was also a character song for me, named Shoji.  Guess I know who else I'm tagging now!
11. Tsuyu wo Suu Gun - Masuda Toshio (Mushishi OST) - Mushishi.  Ugh.  My heart.
12. Slaughtered Lamb - David Arkenstone (WoW OST) - One of the many taverns in the game, but some of my favorite music.
13. Last Train Home - Ryan Star - Another character song for one half of my twins, named Monteray.
14. Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode - A favorite.
15. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel - Another favorite.

OKAY THAT'S IT I'LL STOP  Q_Q!  Tagging --

:iconbrbianca: :iconadelinechevalier: :iconstarluck: :iconcynnybun: :iconmaxxdick: :iconsaibraeus:

Y'all don't have to do it, I'd just like to see what you guys get.  :3


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